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I arrived in Canada in 2007 as an immigrant.  I struggled to settle in and understand the complex immigration process, I then slowly but surely started learning about these processes and how foreigners like me can provide meaningful value to Canada. Ever since I got here, I have been supporting people going through their immigration process and settlement.

I decided to pursue my studies as Immigration Consultant to help foreigners on their path to coming to Canada both as visitors or immigrants. I embarked in this journey, focused on getting my Diploma and license, and here I am today professionally, honestly and happily helping people like you feel confident throughout unique immigration processes.

Why consult an expert?

Migrating to Canada may be a difficult task, but MFG Immigration Consulting can help you navigate the process and locate the best solution for you with the assistance of knowledgeable immigration experts who will handle everything for you.

Save money and time

Missed deadlines, incorrectly submitting documents, or applying for the wrong visa can be extremely costly and time-consuming. At MFG Immigration Consulting, we will make sure that you only pay for what you need while moving through your application as quickly as possible.

Receive educated and personalized guidance

The Canadian visa system may be daunting. It can be difficult to navigate, owing to the numerous forms, unfamiliar terminology, and varied criteria. We will easily walk you through it at MF Immigration Consulting and help you get your entry to Canada based on your unique requirements.

Don't stress about paperwork

We understand how difficult it may be to complete immigration forms and submit documents. We will always handle it on your behalf, ensuring that your application is correct, comprehensive, and on time.

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We are ever so grateful to Marisol Freer. Initially, we were disheartened by a terrible experience with an agency in Mexico that claimed they would assist us with going to Canada. They robbed us of our money, time and hope.
Now my family and I live in Canada; my husband is an international student, while I have an open work permit.

Our daughter gets to experience the stunning fall season here too. If you're looking for someone to recommend Marisol's services - she's attentive, patient and professional. As first-time clients, we were constantly asking questions, but she never made us feel like we were a bother.

Sandybell and Adan

Mrs. Marisol, your company's service is enviable, and I would suggest it to anyone needing professional assistance with their Canadian Visa application process. You graciously took the time to walk us through how the system works in every detail and were very patient with us throughout the entire process. Thanks to your expertise and guidance, our application was accepted without issue.

Frineth Martinez

Thank you for your extension service, graduate. It was a success, and we are expecting the recovery of the passport within the next two weeks.

Jesus Mahe

We are grateful and happy with the results of Marisol Freer's service. It was amazing! The process was efficient, and thanks for the excellent service!

Marissa Noble

Good morning Marisol, first of all a cordial greeting, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for the support you have given me throughout this process to obtain a Canadian visa.

Thanks to you I can achieve the dream of knowing the beautiful country of Canada and visiting one of my great childhood friends.I am very happy with the support provided by both you and the company, who were there at all times to clarify my doubts and to carry out a correct application.

I thank you with all my heart and I hope you can help other people achieve their goals of being able to travel to Canada.

Douglas Carcamo

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